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sarah at graceland

Sarah at Graceland

Sarah was born in Florida and grew up in Wales. She spent much of her life in London, where she studied at the London School of Economics and King’s College London. After a stint in Sierra Leone doing global health work, she moved to Boston, where she now works as a healthcare administrator. She enjoys conversations about feminism, healthcare disparities and expatriatism.




Oline in Memphis

Oline in Memphis

Currently based in London, Oline grew up in Memphis, Atlanta, and Nashville. She went to Mississippi State University (BA) and the University of Chicago (MA), and earned her PhD in Life-Writing from King’s College London. Her research examines the dissemination, circulation, and evolution of celebrity life-narratives in culture. Her biography of Jackie Onassis, entitled An Alarming Life, is forthcoming.




13413565_10100575979334961_3524256329046468458_nSarah and Oline were brought together by a shared, equally strong enthusiasm for Elvis and monochrome. For years, they have stayed in touch by sending nail polish pics to one another over Whatsapp. In November 2015, they climbed The Monument. In November 2016, they created The Way Up.