What we’re doing

Sarah and Oline first met at a pot-luck movie night in Chicago in the winter of 2010. Two years later, they were reunited when Oline moved to London for her PhD. Over the course of their friendship, they realized their conversations repeatedly revolved around their experiences as women: in the workplace, in relationships, as part of a family, as friends.

They had these conversations with other friends, their relatives, their mothers and colleagues too, but the stories they were hearing only ever came out in private conversation, often after a personal crisis and/or multiple martinis. And, on some level, these conversations felt “dangerous.”

In November 2016, Sarah and Oline decided to do something to try to change that and, over martinis, The Way Up was born.

The Way Up seeks to mainstream these “dangerous” conversations. It is a podcast driven by a belief in the importance of stories—representing a diverse range of experience across generations, cultures, races, genders— and also the importance of listening, exposure to different perspectives, engagement in dialogue, and the notion that we are all always learning. We can all be and do better.

The Way Up develops a space for conversation to further the conversation.